Penta Core Hertz Water Activator​

Quality Water Makes Your Life Better

Only Takes Three Minutes.

Can Produce 7.6Hz Linear-Structured Cell.

Can Process All Consumable Liquids.

What is The Penta Core Terahertz Water Activator?

It is a non-contact molecular activation device for water, capable of activating all consumable liquids using a unique “additive-free, non-contact” physical method.

Through patented technology, the 0.96THZ Terahertz wave has an activating effect on drinking water. It transforms the clustered state of ordinary water into cell-direct water with a straight-chain structure that the human body needs. This water can be directly absorbed by cells. Regular consumption helps enhance cellular activity, lower blood viscosity, eliminate waste and toxins, and repair each cell, promoting overall health and vitality.


Four Functions of Body Hydration

As Constituents of Cells & Body Fluids

Approximately 70-85% of cells contain water, while fat accounts for less than 10%. Water is also a major component of blood.

Acting As A Solvent

It dissolves various substances within the body.

Regulating Body Temperature

It generates, absorbs, and transfers heat throughout the body to maintain temperature stability.

Serving As A Lubricant & Cushion

In joint lubrication/fluid. As a cushion for tissues/organs, such as the brain, uterus, eyes, and more.

Benefits of Drinking Hertz Water for the body

Antioxidant, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Anti-Radiation

Usage Steps

1. Prepare the TEKO Penta Core Hertz Water Activator.

2. Add an appropriate amount of water according to your needs (TEKO's maximum capacity is 4 liters).

3. Press the switch and scan the water, continuously for 3 minutes (180 seconds).

4. The water is now ready for consumption/use throughout the day.

Maintenance of the blue lid

Do not rinse with water, only wipe with a damp cloth!

Suitable for both cold and hot water. Can be boiled at high temperatures or refrigerated at low temperatures. Energy remains unchanged for 2 years.

Improving Blood Viscosity

Comparison of blood viscosity before and after drinking water for 20 minutes.

After consuming Penta Core Hertz Water, cells rapidly absorb nutrients to nourish the entire body.

Love at 7.6 Hz

Drink good water

Drink enough water

Drink more water

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