AiiVision - Terafit footheat

The Fundament Substances of Life and Health - QI & BLOOD

Biological Pulse Terahertz!
Frequency of one megahertz
1million cycles/second

Activate Cells
Detoxify & Clear Blockages
Improve Microcirculation

Technological Wellness, Lazy Person's Exercise.

Do you experience the following troubles?

Sweating While Sitting

Immediately Burns 400 Calories

Exercises for 2 hours

Terahertz Mega Energy Device

Scientific Wellness, Sustaining Health.

1. Cell Activation, Boosting Energy

2. Enhancing Microcirculation, Metabolism

3. Clearing Meridians

4. Eliminating Cold Dampness, Internal Toxins

5. Fat Burning & Shaping

6. Easing Inflammation, Pain, Fatigue

Benefits of Terahertz Wave Energy

The journey to health begins at your feet.

Applying the principle of resonance between Terahertz waves and human cells, it releases precise Terahertz waves ranging from 8 to 1000um. Similar to a charger for human cells, it starts from the soles of the feet and spreads throughout the body, replenishing the body with bioenergy and promoting overall internal and external wellness.

Massage your feet before bedtime for better sleep quality.

Using it for 20-30 minutes before sleep yields better results.

Usage Restrictions

The Thermodynamic Device is suitable for various types of pain, inflammation, and cold-damp constitution. It has a significant effect on enhancing the immunity of the elderly and is suitable for the use of the elderly with multiple chronic diseases. The device provides a strong sensory experience, with a sensation of sub-high temperature generated by the resonance between the device and the human body in just one second. After a week of customer experience, conditions such as arthritis and other types of pain have shown significant relief.